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SlingStudio Home Video System

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Taking Chances 

Dish Network is not the the sort of company that rests on its laurels. Having succeeded in multichannel video streaming with Sling TV, Dish is trying to establish a presence in all aspects of the video industry. This now includes social media.

Sling Media is a subsidiary of Dish Network. Through Sling Media, Dish is invading a market now owned almost exclusively by YouTube and Facebook Live: personal production of video for uploading onto social platforms.

The New Home Video Studio

On Monday, Sling Media revealed the SlingStudio to the National Association of Broadcasters. The SlingStudio, which sells for $999.00 and up, enables capture of broadcast-quality HD video for up to ten video sources. The cameras and microphones could be up to 300 feet from each other. These could be connected wirelessly over private WiFi networks. Through an iPad Console, you can manage all video streams, and edit picture and sound, while your video is recorded and stored on an external USB hard drive, and uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, or other social medium.

With the SlingStudio battery, you can operate the system wirelessly, so you can easily film in remote areas. You won’t need an internet connection to record video.

The system is versatile, enabling picture-in-picture and quad view.

There is one important limitation: SlingStudio is not waterproof. You might not want to use it in rain. snow, or sleet. It operates most effectively in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 95 degrees (F).

Post-production is easy. You won’t need to collect multiple SD cards and upload them separately. All files are on one external storage device, in the standard MP4 format.

Vivek Khemka, Dish Network’s CTO, said: “Existing multi-camera video platforms run upwards of $5000.00 at a market entry point. Where Facebook and YouTube democratized live streaming, SlingStudio is democratizing the gear that directors need to make those streams great. With its accessible price and easy-to-use app, SlingStudio changes how directors can think about producing video.”

Khemka continued: “We consider SlingStudio a high production, low cost concept. It’s powerful and flexible enough to allow directors to knit together professional-quality video with the equipment they already have on hand– from high-end cameras to audio gear to smart phones.”

Competing professional-grade video equipment, beside costing more, is usually complex. It requires considerable time to learn how to operate properly. Sling Studio, by contrast, is easily controlled with an iOS app.

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