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HD DVR: DirecTV’s Genie

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In considering a TV service, always find out what equipment comes with it. The most important may be the receiver, or set-top box. Most TV systems offer several models, and their premier models are usually HD DVRs. With these advanced models, you can pause and rewind live TV, and fast forward through recorded content. A few enable automatic skipping of commercials for an entire prime time lineup.

One of the two or three best receivers is the DirecTV Genie. The Genie is a whole-home system, DirecTV’s most advanced DVR ever. It will enable recording of five shows at once, and provides full HD DVR functions on up to four TV sets. With connection to a wireless Genie Mini, you can even transfer your shows to TVs outside your house.

The Genie will record up to 200 hours of HD programming.

If you want, you can have your Genie configured for 4K resolution.

The Genie sports several unusual features. One is Picture-in Picture, enabling you to watch two channels at once on the same screen- even side-by-side. Another is Genie Sports, an enhanced on-screen guide which provides updates on all major sporting events, and your designated favorites, in one location. You’ll find the updates just by pressing a single button.

With the Wireless Genie Mini, you can multiply the Genie’s functionality. Since it’s wireless, you can avoid cluttering your house with cables and cable outlets, and you can place your TV anywhere. You can even start watching a recorded show in one room, and finishing watching it in another. With four Minis, you can connect up to eight TVs to one Genie.

A new customer can get the Genie HD DVR system just by asking for it when enrolling, and an existing DirecTV customer can get one by requesting an upgrade.

(Editor’s note: AT&T bought DirecTV last year.)

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