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Fiber Networks Extended by AT&T

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For a successful internet system, there are always more worlds to conquer. In an ever-evolving market, a provider must be nimble to succeed. Resting on past achievements can be fatal.

With this in mind, AT&T is constantly seeking new venues for its fastest (1 GB/S) internet service. On Monday, the telecom giant announced that it has opened gigabit-speed broadband service in three new markets: Greenville, SC, Sacramento, CA, and Little Rock, AR. In these markets, the residential gigabit–speed service, when not bundled with TV or phone service, will sell for $90.00 per month.

AT&T first launched its gigabit-speed internet service, then called GigaPower, in Austin, Texas. In 2014, AT&T began offering the GigaPower service in 25 new metropolitan markets.

With the latest extensions, AT&T’s fiber network reaches parts of 46 metropolitan areas, including more than 3 million ‘locations’, more than half a million of which are apartments or condos. AT&T said it wants to offer the service in a total of 67 metropolitan areas.

In October, AT&T rebranded its gigabit-speed broadband service, changing its name from GigaPower to AT&T Fiber.

At a full gigabit per second, AT&T Fiber is about twenty times as fast as standard cable internet service. With this data speed, you could download 25 songs in just one second, or stream a 90-minute HD movie in 34 seconds. At this speed, telecommuting, video teleconferencing, and uploading photos and video are practical and easy.


In a related development, AT&T has dropped the Esquire Network from its DirecTV and U-Verse TV platforms. Esquire, a lifestyle channel launched in 2013, is a joint venture by Hearst, a magazine publisher, and NBC Universal.

AT&T said it dropped Esquire because of its limited appeal. The channel’s ratings are low- so low that Nielsen says its audience can’t be measured.

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