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HopperGO product image showing a user streaming TV to a tablet from the device

The holiday season is perfect for celebration, family gatherings– and aggressive sales promotions. Almost every major retailer is offering something free or at discount.

Dish Network doesn’t want to be left behind. It has launched a new advertising campaign featuring the HopperGo, its $99.00 mobile video storage device. Dish unveiled the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, and released it for consumers in May.

The satellite system offers a free HopperGo to any qualifying new customer who activates new video service on or before December 11.

The HopperGo, which Dish has dubbed a “pocket DVR”, is barely wider than a credit card, and it weighs just 2.4 ounces. It is deceptively powerful, though. It has 64 GB of storage capacity, enough for 100 hours of Standard Definition video. It connects with a private WiFi cloud that enables streaming to as many as five tablets or phones via the Dish Anywhere app, operates for up to four hours on a single charge, and can be used while it’s charging. Viewing recorded video on the HopperGo doesn’t require an internet connection, so you won’t have to worry about finding a connection, or being slowed by buffering or stuttering.

Using the device is easy. To transfer content to the HopperGo, download the Dish Anywhere app on your Android or iOS device. Then connect it with the USB cable to your DVR. Follow a few onscreen prompts, and you can easily transfer your shows.

To watch your content, connect the HopperGo to your Android or iOS device. Your won’t have to delete text, apps or photos from your tablet or phone, because the Dish Anywhere app won’t consume its memory.

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