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AT&T Links TV with Home Security

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Can you you monitor your home security equipment with your TV remote? AT&T, the world’s oldest and largest telecom,  says you can.

Following its recent buyout of DirecTV, the largest satellite TV provider in the United States, AT&T has moved quickly to integrate its home security and automation system with DirecTV equipment.  On January 5, 2016, the telecom giant announced the completion of the first phase of this project. Digital Life, AT&T’s home security platform, now works with certain DirecTV set-top boxes.

For now, the only DirecTV boxes that can handle the Digital Life app are Genie HD-DVRs- model 34 or better. These receivers were designed to stream video over the web. They have the necessary internet capability, then, to control home security and home automation systems. AT&T said that it will add to to other DirecTV receivers later this year. It did not provide a specific date.

With the Digital Life app, you could can use the TV remote control to monitor sensors and video cameras, arm or disarm alarms, and control appliances. The system is compatible with iOS and Android tablets and phones, and with Mac and PC computers. While away from the home, then, you can check on pets or children, adjust your thermostat, or switch lights on or off. You can receive text or e-mail alerts about unusual events. Digital Life also provides an on-screen activity log, so you can track what your devices have been doing.

In addition to the usual home security features, Digital Life provides energy management and water detection functions. You can even customize your Digital Life system.  For example, you could tell it: “If the bedroom motion sensor is activated, turn on the bedroom light.” For an extra measure of security, you can even program unique PIN codes to open or close each door.

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