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Christmas with Bundle Deals

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You may be asking, “What can Bundle Deals do for my Christmas celebration?” In fact, we can do a great deal.

Large screen TV sets, gaming consoles, smart phones, and Android and iOS tablets are popular gifts. But without a multichannel TV service or a broadband connection, the recipients won’t get much use out of them.

We can help. We are an independent clearing house representing all major TV and internet services in the United States. Because we are not limited to any single provider, we can analyze your needs objectively and find the providers best suited for your interests and budget. We represent Dish Network, DirecTV, Comcast, Verizon Wireless, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, and Charter Communications, to name only a few.

If someone on your gift list ┬áprefers to ditch the subscription satellite and cable TV model, we can help you with that, too. One of our most popular products is Sling TV, which was designed for use on mobile devices. Sling TV doesn’t require long term contracts or installation of equipment. It is compatible with Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus Player, and ZTE streaming devices, XBox One gaming consoles, Mac and PC computers, and iOS and Android tablets and phones. Channel packages are very inexpensive compared to conventional satellite and cable TV. The core twenty-three channel Sling TV package sells for just $20.00 per month.

For internet service, we carry cable, fiber, DSL, and satellite options. If you tell us how you use the internet and how many devices you may have connected at a time, we will know how much speed and data capacity you need. With this information, we can find the service tier that works best for you.

What better Christmas gift is there than peace of mind? If someone on your gift list is concerned about safety, we can help you find the best home security/ home automation options. Some don’t require long term contracts or scheduling installation- so you don’t have to worry about a stranger entering the home.

Talk to us. See what we can do to enhance your Christmas.