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XBox ‘One Guide’ on Sling TV

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Sling TV, Dish Network’s internet video streaming platform, continues to build relationships that extend its reach and its value for consumers.

On Thursday, November 12, Microsoft announced the release of an important update to its XBox One devices. The update includes a new home screen and an overhauled TV menu called ‘One Guide’. Among the features of the new menu is the cross-app search, which solves a long standing problem for viewers who stream video from multiple sources. No single provider carries all of the channels the viewer wants, so he has to sift through several apps to find the show he wants. The XBox One ‘One Guide’ addresses the problem by enabling different apps to display their options on the main menu page.

Sling TV is featured in the One Guide. Some other providers have not yet offered any apps for it, the holdouts including Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Go.

Sling TV updated its user interface for the Xbox One in September.


In related news, ZTE USA announced that its newest projector, the Spro 2, is compatible with Sling TV. The Spro 2 is a WiFi-only HD projector, Beside Sling TV, it supports a number of other apps available at the Google Play store.

The latest  version  of  the Spro 2, which retails for $549.98, is equipped with a WiFi hotspot, and is pre-loaded with JBL Audio and Sling TV. It will project video in HD (up to 720p), in a visible screen size of 20 to 120 inches, and it has a 5 inch touch screen. Lixin Cheng, ZTE USA’s chairman and CEO, said, “We are excited to deliver a WiFi-only Spro 2 device for consumers who still want the flexibility it provides at home and at work, but may not want it added to a new or existing data plan.”

In addition to the Spro 2, Sling TV is available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Nexus Player, and Chromecast video streaming devices, Playstation Vue and XBox One gaming consoles, iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, and Mac and PC computers.

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