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Comcast 2 Gigabit Internet

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Comcast has just raised the stakes in the high-speed residential internet market. On Thursday, April 2, the nation’s largest cable system operator announced that it would offer a 2 gigabit-per-second (2 GB/S) internet service to 1.5 million customers in Atlanta. By the year’s end Comcast will offer the ultra-high-speed service to more than 18 million customers. Comcast says that it wants to offer 1 GB/S service to the rest of its 30 million customer base by the end of 2016.

Comcast 2 gigabit internet will run at twice the top speed offered by any other residential internet service provider. Google Fiber and AT&T U-Verse GigaPower, with top download speeds of 1 GB/S, are each available in several major urban markets, and both companies plan to launch their gigabit-speed web services in other cities. Charter Communications offers a 1 GB/S service in certain neighborhoods in Las Vegas, and Cox offers a 1 GB/S service in Phoenix.

Comcast said that its new 2 GB/S service will be symmetrical, meaning that top download and upload speeds will be the same. With most internet services, upload speeds are considerably slower than download speeds.

The rollout of the Comcast 2 gigabit internet service marks a dramatic change in the company’s marketing philosophy. Two years ago, the cable company derided Google Fiber, saying that 1 GB/S is more speed than most residential consumers could possibly need. The subsequent popularity of Google Fiber and AT&T GigaPower evidently changed Comcast’s mind.

To connect Comcast 2 gigabit internet service, you will need to live “within close proximity” of its fiber network. You will also need installation of “professional-grade equipment”. Very likely, this means you will have to pay a substantial deposit or equipment fee in advance.

Comcast has not stated what it will charge for the 2 gigabit internet service.

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