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Getting DirecTV Service

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Should you be getting DirecTV service ?  It’s not for everyone. For some viewers, though, the satellite TV company offers advantages unmatched by any other pay TV provider.

DirecTV, with more than 20 million subscribers, is the largest satellite TV provider in the United States, and the second largest of all subscriber TV providers. Only Comcast is larger. DirecTV carries more than 285 channels, 195 of them in HD. Its equipment is among the most advanced in the industry. The Genie, its flagship whole-home HD DVR, will enable you to watch or record five shows at once without needing a DVR for every room. By adding the new Wireless Genie Mini, you can watch TV outside, in the garage, and in other places near your home where you don’t have coaxial cable.

DirecTV carries a wide variety of news, movies,and general entertainment channels, though Dish Network and most cable providers are highly competitive in this category.

The one field in which DirecTV stands apart from its competitors is sports programming. DirecTV offers more complete sports coverage- by far- than any other provider- cable, satellite, or fiber. DirecTV alone carries the NFL Sunday Ticket, which airs every out-of-market Sunday NFL game of the regular season. With the Ticket, you can also track scores and statistics for all games in real time.  With NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you can watch the games on your mobile devices.  The Max package includes the Red Zone channel, which will update you whenever any team is playing within its opponent’s twenty-yard-line. With the DirecTV Fantasy Zone, also included with the Max package, and a must for participants in fantasy football leagues, you can track statistics and highlights of your favorite players, and you can receive alerts about their latest plays.

DirecTV also carries more regional sports channels than any other provider.

DirecTV has a reputation for outstanding customer service. For 2014,  it was rated first among all cable or satellite TV providers in the Consumer Satisfaction Index, and it has been rated higher than cable TV for fourteen years in a row.

If you want the most complete sports coverage, getting DirecTV service will be your only sensible choice. If you’re not especially interested in sports, but want a wide variety of general entertainment channels at a reasonable price, Dish Network may be a better option. If you want international channels, either DirecTV or Dish may meet your needs, but Dish offers a wider variety of international channels. If you’re  concerned about service interruptions due to bad weather, and you live in an area that experiences frequent severe thunderstorms, then cable may work better for you. If you live in an apartment, and you don’t have a south-facing balcony, then satellite TV probably won’t be available to you at all. In this case cable is your only option.

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