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Safety Online with AT&T U-Verse

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Here’s what to expect with AT&T U-Verse internet service.

First, with our families spending more time online than ever before, we have to consider the security of our networks. This is especially true when we have multiple devices connected to the web: phones, laptop computers, iPads, and TV sets. Fortunately, AT&T U-Verse internet is now more secure than ever before. With its secure wireless network, you can connect from anywhere in the home, confident that your  online activity will not be subject to spying or malware. With the McAfee Internet Security Suite included, you will have the Site Advisor to rate websites and warn you about possible threats. McAfee’s antivirus software will filter out viruses and spyware. Setting it up is easy. If you enable a request for a password to open the browser, you will have a nearly unbreakable two-step process for confirming your identity. With the AT&T U-Verse Security Suite, you can reduce, remove, or block viruses before they have a chance to infect your computer. Even the updates are automatic. If you want to check your computer’s status, though, you can scan, view your history, or change your security settings on the Security Center. Finally, the AT&T U-Verse Security Suite is much faster, takes less space, and uses less energy than all previous versions of McAfee antivirus software.

Is your internet service fast enough for the way you use it? If you often download video or other large files, play multiplayer interactive games, run an online business, or have multiple devices connected to the web at once, then DSL and most cable internet services will be inadequate. AT&T U-Verse internet service comes to you through fiber-optic cables. Fiber is more secure and more reliable than copper-wire coaxial cable, has much higher capacity, and supports much higher download speeds- often hundreds of megabits per second.

You will need to have your AT&T U-Verse system installed, and for this you may have to pay an installation fee ranging from eighty to two hundred dollars. You will need a modem. AT&T will recommend compatible modems, or will provide one for you. If AT&T provides your modem, you can either purchase it, or you can lease it with a small fee added to your monthly bill.

Because of the superior performance of fiber-optic cable, and the relatively low cost of laying fiber-optic lines compared with copper-wire cable, the monthly fees for  AT&T U-Verse service are lower than the fees for comparable cable internet service.

Safety online with AT&T U-Verse is easy. Get your AT&T U-Verse internet service installed, launch your browser, and surf the web-  safely.

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