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Bundle Home Services: What to Consider

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The point of bundling home services like internet, home security and cable is to save money. So the first step is to see what deals are being offered by the companies in your area. Compare that to each of the companies that you are currently using, is it less? Most likely it is and most likely, you will have many options to choose from.

bundle deals

Now, to go a step further take a look at what you are really paying each month on each of your home services. Chances are, it’s not the $29.99 you remember when signing up. Take a closer look, are you using each service within the monthly allowances or are you even using each service at all?

Perhaps you have a home phone that is simply collecting dust or perhaps your home phone is only being used for local calls but you are paying for long distance each month. The point is to not only combine all of your services to save money but also to not pay for something you aren’t using or overpay for something that you are using more of each month than you originally expected to.

The same scenarios should be considered with your cable and all other services as well. Are you paying for channels that you never watch or are you paying more for On Demand shows, when it may be more cost-efficient to order HBO instead? Or how about your internet, in many cases, high-speed internet services inside a bundle are cheaper than non-bundled regular internet services.

Then, of course, there is your home security (which can come with a hefty initial payment for equipment etc.) so saving any money you can in this department is very important and not as hard as you may think. With multiple companies fighting for your business, it’s likely you will find a package deal within a bundle that makes sense for you.

So take a closer look, you can save hundreds of dollars every year by taking a few minutes to see what a bundle can do for your household.