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Benefits of Home Security: Family Perks

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My home security is a part of a bundle that I use which also includes cable and internet. To me, the home security is the greatest value. It serves as more than just a home alarm system but also serves as a home monitoring system as well.

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In the 21st century, most parents work and can’t always be with their children after school. That is the case in my home. Our 11 and 12 year olds walk home from the bus after school and go inside to start cleaning up and doing homework. Well, this requires a lot of trust and faith in them as well as it is an enormous responsibility to give them and of course (like most mothers), I always worry. At work I can get so busy that I can’t always call and check up on them which can leave me feeling very detached and nervous although they are great and not much ever happens.  Then I got my home security system and now my worries are over! Let me go in to detail why, here is a normal rundown of our week days: The come home and open the door and I am alerted on my phone (so the next time I have a second I can go see that notification on my phone). Then, they disarm the alarm, I get a notification. They switch the system to the At-Home security mode which turns off the motion sensors in the home so they can move around but allows for the alarm to go off in the case that anyone else were to try and open a door or window to get in, I also get a notification of this. Then at any given time, I can check the video option on my phone to see what is happening live inside and outside of my home. I can see if the kids are indeed there and doing their homework.

My home security system is such a relief for so many reasons and I am so thankful that I was able to add it to my cable and internet bundle at such an affordable cost.